all you need for christmas...

Christmas Plates

It’s just true that all your self baked cookies and all the other great sweets folks love to eat for christmas look ten times better on a nice christmas plate instead of just a plain white one. You definetly set the mood for the season with a nice christmas plate for all the things people can’t take their hands off (Who? Me?). You already know your kids gonna love that plate for sure – yeah we know….because of it’s content ;-).



Advents lighter

Lights are one of the most wonderful things about christmas. You just get in the season mood as soon as you see all these great warm candle lights for christmas. Putting an advents lighter in your window brings the christmas mood both – to your home and people that pass by. Come home from your favorite christmas market and let the advents lighter continue the warm christmas feeling.

Christmas stockings

Didn’t get any presents because your stocking was missing last year? Well, don’t let that happen again! We all have the picture in our head where stockings are hanging in a warm light room right next to a wonderful open and crackling fire place with christmas stockings hanging right next to it on the wall. Best part about your christmas stockings: If Santa couldn’t make it you can still wear them as trending comfortable warm socks ;-).

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